• It covers your financial commitments. 
  • It allows your family to maintain their standard of living. 
  • It covers death-related expenses.
  • It allows you to leave a legacy. 
  • It ensures business continuity. 
  • It completes life insurance coverage offered through your employer.

Term life insurance

Affordable coverage to meet your temporary needs

Protects your loved ones for a pre-determined period while you have greater financial commitments.

It's the ideal solution if:
  • You have dependent children and are on a tight budget
  • You have short- and medium-term loans to repay



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Permanent life insurance

Lifetime insurance coverage

Permanently protects your family and your legacy.

It's the ideal solution if:
  • You would like to leave a legacy
  • You would like to be protected, even if your health changes
  • You would like to ensure the continuity of your business.



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Participating life insurance

Permanent life insurance that ensures the growth of your estate

Protects your family while giving you access to dividends1.

  •  Annual participation are not guaranteed and vary annually.
It's the ideal solution if:
  • You want to leave a larger estate to your loved ones and, if needed, benefit from liquidity for your retirement
  • You want to offer your children or grandchildren a solid financial foundation
  • You are a business owner looking for life insurance coverage which generates growth.


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Universal life insurance

A combination of permanent life insurance and savings

Offers you lifetime coverage and the opportunity to save with certain tax benefits.

It's the ideal solution if:
  • You would like to leave a significant inheritance
  • You have contributed the maximum amount to your RRSP and your TFSA
  • You would like to protect the value of your company.



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