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Buying insurance directly from an insurer or bank will not be cheaper. And it would definitely cost you more time. We offer exactly the same prices as insurance companies and their in-house agents. Because we can show you multiple quotes from multiple sources at once, we can save you money by giving you more options to choose from. And our all-digital approach will give you more time to live your life, rather than searching for life insurance coverage options.

Yes! We are currently licensed to provide insurance brokerage services in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba. We are regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC) and the Insurance Council of Manitoba (ICM).

Nope! There are no separate charges when you use PolicyAdvisor or purchase a policy through our site.

We ask you some basic questions, then let our algorithms do all the work. They scour hundreds of products from Canada's largest insurers to identify the right products for you. Once you get the results, you can adjust them as many times as you want to narrow down the best choice for your needs. Get a quote now  and see how easy it is.

Quebec Insurance Quotes' in-house brokers are licensed and experienced insurance advisors, easily accessible by online chat, phone or email. You can also schedule a call  with them when it's convenient for you.

Comparing  mortgage insurance to life insurance  is one of the most common questions we get as life insurance brokers. Protecting your mortgage with a term life insurance policy is often the best choice for Canadians for many reasons. It is generally more cost-effective, offers greater flexibility in the use of the death benefit, and is portable as your financial and housing needs change.

There are several reasons why group life insurance through your workplace benefits may be lacking. The life insurance death benefit may not adequately cover your needs, coverage is not transferable and you have no control over the details of the life insurance policy.

An individual life insurance policy is much more flexible and provides protection that group life insurance coverage lacks.

Learn more about why you might need  private supplemental term life insurance here  .

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